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DGX AG was mandated as key contractor by the Swiss Federal Department of Finance to implement IPSAS in its federal offices. With partners, DGX AG launched the NRM (Neues Rechnungsmodell des Bundes) / IPSAS project in the federal administration, delivering the agreed results on scheduled, and ensured that the federal offices have been reporting in compliancy with IPSAS as planned.  

Eidgenössisches Finanzdepartement EFD

Financial Planning and Budgeting under IPSAS
- Preparation of standardized charts of accounts, clarification of technical issues and implementing the conversion
- Restatements, valuation of fixed assets and shareholdings, stating of accruals, and setting up reserves and contingent liabilities with the objective of creating the first opening balance sheet compliant with IPSAS.
- Steering and handholding in defining the process for internal invoicing of goods and services
- Putting in place the technical system
- Accompanying in the planning and budgeting process through all the stages, focusing on content and clarifications of technical issues
- Organizing and conducting trainings and workshops
- Execution and realization of defined handholding tasks
Accounting and Auditing under IPSAS
- Developing the structures and cash flows
- Defining the financial targets specifically the accounting transactions
- Introducing asset accounting
- Developing the cost-benefit accounting according to specifications
- Establish the authorisation procedures
- Analysis of peripheral systems and in-house developments and their integration
- Setting parameters for the systems
- Reporting and Analysis
- Migration of master and transaction data
- Test preparation and execution

General Secretariat of the Federal Department of Finance (FDF GS)
The General Secretariat, the central administrative organ of the Federal Department of Finance, acts as the central staff office for the head of department with the key sectors of Planning and Controlling, Communications and Resources. It employs 106 persons and is responsible for a budget of around CHF 65 million.
Federal Finance Administration (FFA)
The Federal Finance Administration is responsible for budgeting, financial planning, accounting and developing financial policies and concepts, such as the financial policy model and the new system of financial equalization . It ensures that the Swiss Confederation is able to meet its payment obligations at all times. Number of personnel = 228; Budget= CHF 4 billion.
Federal Office of Personnel (FOPER)
The Federal Office of Personnel devises the principles and instruments for the management and development of human resources for the Confederation. The 98 employees at the FOPER are responsible for a budget of around CHF 230 million.
Federal Tax Administration (FTA)
The Federal Tax Administration is responsible for collecting the bulk of the federal revenues. It is also develops strategies and principles for tax legislation, negotiates double taxation conventions, and ensures that federal tax laws are uniformly applied in the cantons. Number of personnel = 985; Budget = CHF 4 billion.
Federal Customs Administration (FCA)
The Federal Customs Administration monitors the import, export and transport of goods. It also collects customs duties, road traffic fees, and taxes. Number of personnel = 4,697; Budget = around CHF 1 billion.
Federal Office of Informatics and Telecommunication (FOIT)
The Federal Office for Informatics and Telecommunication (BIT) provides a wide range of telecommunications and IT services for the entire Federal Administration. Number of personnel: 518, budget: CHF 227 million. From 1 January 2007 this federal department will be known under the abbreviation FLAG.
Federal Office of the Private Insurance (FOPI)
The task of the Federal Office of Private Insurance (BPV) is to regulate the business of private insurance companies and to intervene in the event of serious shortcomings. Number of personnel: 63, budget: around CHF 13 million.
Swiss Federal Banking Commission (SFBC)
The Federal Banking Commission is the supervisory body for banks, investment funds and stock markets. Number of personnel: 162, budget: around CHF 30 million.
Swiss Federal Audit Office (SFAO)
The independent Swiss Federal Audit Office is the Swiss Confederation’s highest financial supervision body. It provides support to the Parliament and the Federal Council. Number of personnel: 92, Budget: CHF 18 million.
Swiss Alcohol Board (SAB)
The Swiss Alcohol Board controls the alcohol market, with the exception of purely fermented products, by means of taxes and restrictions. Number of personnel: 156, budget: around CHF 35 million. As a “Kreis 3” department, the Swiss Alcohol Board is not involved in the introduction of the New Accounting Model for the Federal Government.
Federal Office for Construction and Logistics (FOBL)
The Federal Office for Construction and Logistics (BBL) is responsible for the management of property and central procurement of consumables. Number of personnel: 720, Budget: around CHF 600 million.
Central Compensation Office (ZCO)
The Central Compensation Office (ZAS) is the central processing body for the Old-age, Survivors' and Invalidity Insurance and the Military Compensation Fund. Number of personnel: 450 in Geneva, 50 in Bern
Official mint of the Swiss Confederation
Federal Chancellery (FC)
The Federal Chancellery is the general administrative office of the Federal Council and is attached to the Federal Department of Finance for the introduction of New Accounting Model.
Parliament Services (PS)
The Parliament Services are attached to the Federal Department of Finance for the introduction of the New Accounting Model.



Project management assistance in the strategic business reengineering project
Drawing up a Swiss repair concept for the entire passenger rolling stock, with a view to ensuring competitiveness at the time of the liberalisation starting in 2007.

Swiss Post

Controlling at IT Section
Responsible for the post IP 3. Module at the Customer Competence Center AP