DGX AG Your Partner for Public Sector Accounting  
Transparent and comparable accounting in the public sector and administrations is gaining importance and set to develop significantly over the next years. A number of important projects have been initiated and are being accompanied by DGX AG. For example, the Swiss Federal Department of Finance's launch of "NRM" (Neues Rechnungsmodell), the new accounting model for the Federal Government, to ensure compliancy with IPSAS.  
NRM IPSAS Umsetzung  
Our strengths lie in these areas:
- IPSAS project management
- Gradual or full implementation of IPSAS projects
- Conception and instrumentalization
- Consolidated statements presentations
- Employee training
- Restatement
- Internal invoicing for goods and services
- IT consultancy for all components
- Planning and defining the required IT structures to support IPSAS reporting
- Preparation of the handbooks
- Handholding and support during the planning and introductory phase

When adopting IPSAS, the presentation and disclosure requirements for the financial instruments raises important and complex issues for many public institutions. Our team supports customers with hands-on experience, in depth know-how, tested methods and instruments.

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